New Release – Odyssey In A Teacup

Amazon Release Date:  September 9th


WordsAPlenty was given a sneak preview in exchange for an honest review.

Paula Houseman’s Odyssey in a Teacup is an example of literary excellence.  Based on shared childhood experiences – sex, religion, and dreams – Houseman skillfully gives voice to characters that readers will love.  Houseman reminds the reader that one can pick friends but one cannot pick one’s family.

“Still, with a child’s trust, I prayed every night.  But over time, on Sundays, my prayers began (and ended) with Yoo-yoo, are you there?  On Sundays in my world, all hell broke loose.  The diabolical extended family Sunday ritual was more evidence of God’s absence … agony for Myron and me – we were not good travelers and both suffered car sickness … add the foul stench of vanilla car deodorizer …

Ruth was an outspoken and honest young woman from day one driving her mother to nickname her ‘pest.’  No one was safe from her voiced comments until she married and lost herself.  With the help of her friends she finds that she can rediscover herself, however, it is a hard and treacherous journey.  

Houseman’s descriptions are vividly rich.  Her wonderful and precise description of the real estate man leaves no doubts: “Milton reminded me of a Ken doll, with his taut, tanned, shiny face, chiseled features, and slicked back, brunette molded hair.  I wondered if, like Ken, Milton also had molded genitals.”

Houseman uses childhood humor and emotions to connect with the readers making her characters come to life.  She further uses the common doubts and questions that children maturing into adults have with relationships and one’s own life.  Houseman allows each of her characters time to grow and demonstrate their worth to one another.  

Houseman is a master storyteller that has a gift to be shared and enjoyed.  This is one of those rare insightful books that allows the readers opportunity to reflect back on their childhood journey into adulthood with great appreciation.  


WordsAPlenty gives this book and author a 5 star recommendation.