Blog Tour: Sunkissed by Leigha Lennox

WordsAPlenty is pleased to announce the blog tour for Sunkissed by Leigha Lennox running from October 20 – November 1, 2015.

Sunkissed is a #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author Traci Hohenstein has kept you in suspense with her mystery novels. Now she’s back writing under the pen name, Leigha Lennox, with a page-turning romance that will spice up your nights.

When television star Trista Carmichael leaves behind her glamorous Hollywood life – unemployed and broken-hearted – she hopes to make a fresh start in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida…

Her first night in town she meets a mysterious bartender. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but there’s a mutual attraction that can’t be denied…

Until life throws her another curve ball when she attends a surprise party that her estranged sister throws for a boyfriend. Then the lies and deceit start to build…

When secrets are revealed every single aspect of Trista’s life will be changed forever….

This is a love story of a woman who struggles to mend her fragile relationship with her sister while looking for her happily ever after with the man she so desperately desires.

**Intended for mature readers 18+**

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