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Detective Gunther Quinn believes he’s just your average criminal investigator, yet he possesses certain qualities that are unique and unusual. He survives the mental stress of his work because he’s able to escape from that ‘real life’, a phrase he uses to describe his job and those who make his job necessary. And what is this escape, his refuge? Oddly enough, it’s spending time with nature, in a small forest Glen in the city park. You’ll find out why that’s important later in the story.
And one perfectly ordinary day, he’s assigned a case, a case involving a particularly brutal murder of a young woman. But this young woman comes from a family whose history is integral to his city’s history; and that will prove critical in finding her killer.
And this case, and his personal life for that matter, quickly get complicated. They discover a connection to previous murders. The only possible conclusion is not a welcomed one; they’re city is dealing with a serial killer. Slowly, riddles and clues are discovered at the crime scenes, leading them on, taunting them. They attempt to trap the killer, but who will get caught in the end? Anybody? Or is the killer just toying with them?
Oh, yeah, that nature thing. His place of escape, this forest Glen, suddenly turns from a refuge into—well, something unreal. It’s hard to explain here is just a few words; it’s one of those paradox things. But you’ll understand. You’ll just have to read his story, a different kind of crime story, to find out—the whole truth.


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