WARATAH: From the Ashes of the Vietnam War, Grew a Spirit that would not be Stopped by Ha-Le Thai

A well written memoir that provides powerful insight into the life of Ha Le as she escapes Vietnam, relocates to Australia and comes to terms with her past.  Haunted by the traditions of Vietnam and the decisions her daughter makes, Ha Le faces many difficult life situations that challenge her faith and love.

An emotional memoir that allows the reader to connect with the trials that Ha-Le suffers involving two different cultures, expectations and finally overcoming her past to rise above and discover her true self.

From childhood to adult, her haunting past clearly affects her daily life until she is faced with losing her daughter, and her life to lymphoma.  In a masterfully written memoir Ha-Le describes her childhood vividly laying the groundwork for a clearer understanding of her fears and struggles.

This is an extremely moving memoir, one that should be experienced!

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