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WordsAPlenty is a website designed specifically for writers and readers.

We offer reviews of books and copy editing!  Be sure to check out our book reviews and indieBRAG author interviews.

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These books have been submitted to WordsAPlenty for an honest review.  WordsAPlenty provides reviews based on a system similar to Amazon.  The reviewer will evaluate the book on several areas including their personal likes/dislikes.  There will be a mix of genres represented.  

B.R.A.G. Medallion Honorees will be individually identified.
For more information on B.R.A.G. Medallion please visit http://www.bragmedallion.com

All authors wishing to have a book reviewed, email charla.white1@gmail.com


Charla White

I have 30+ years of copy editing experience within the worlds of academia and business. My degrees are a B.A. in English with a Master’s in Education.  I have written and edited a variety of publications – newsletters, brochures, websites, marketing materials, presentations, dissertations, and both fiction and non-fiction books.

For the students and faculty of institutions of higher learning, I have provided them with proofreading and light to heavy editing to showcase their work and earning them the one thing they desired – a piece of writing that will allow them to receive the job, the grant, or the grade/diploma.  I have worked on multiple dissertations ranging from IT Issues on a College Campus to Black Women in History to The Effects of the Potato Famine to The role of Pop Culture in Society.   In addition, I have worked on several papers focusing on topics within philosophy, religion, sociology, and anthropology and some natural sciences.

I have also provided professionals and graduates seeking employment, feedback on their resumes and presentations.  Editing PowerPoint presentations and their supporting documents to further enhance and draw specific attention to their skills.

For authors, I have proofed final drafts, provided reviews with and without editing suggestions, light to heavy editing, ghostwritten several chapters of different genres of writing (specifically memoirs, historical romance, and horror).  As an editor, it is important for the author’s voice to not be lost. My editing has been successful in providing constructive feedback without losing the author’s voice.

I have worked with authors on editing within multiple genres: horror, memoirs, humor, romance, historical (specifically the Civil War), thrillers and mysteries.  Each author has received exclusive attention and time dedicated to their book/writing.

Finally, I have provided honest reviews in all genres for a variety of websites – the Bookie-Monster.com, AudibleBookReviewer.com, Amazon.com, Goodreads.com  and other sites that award authors with special recognition.  I have also served as reviewer and voter for writings submitted to be included in Hell’s Gate – a series of horror anthologies for Veterans.


The following are testimonials by clients – authors, job seekers, students, participants, etc.

Testimonials of Published Works

De Goyler’s 8th Michigan Black Horse Light Battery – by Martin Bertera

“What a great person to work with, Charla is all that can be asking for, in any of your writing needs, she assisted me greatly in my latest book.”

The Manuscript by Brien Jones

“You’re the best!”

The How-Not-To Guide To Parenting and Marriage:  We can’t all be perfect parents and spouses, so we might as well … by Jon Ziegler.

From Inside the Brain of a Dad Looking Out: Stories of Life as seen through the eyes of a dad by Jon Ziegler and Charla White (editor)

“It looks awesome.”


“Charla has been an integral member of the audiobookreview.com team. Being able to perform with tight deadlines, always being thorough and thoughtful has quickly made her a top reviewer.”  Paul Stokes, AudiobookReview.com


Creative Writing Course, Women’s Center for Professional Development, Richmond, IN (1989-90): by participants

“Charla was very helpful.   She gave me constructive tools to handle my worries and stress through writing.”

“I learned how to overcome my fears of writing with a few tools Charla gave me.”

 Career Enhancement

Resume, Cover Letter and Presentation – by Kelly C.

“English is not my first language.  Charla was very helpful.  Because of her, I received my first teaching job!”

 Presentation, Cover Letter – by Tim W.

Took my words and made them more effective. In some areas of my presentation, she listened to what I wanted to address and wrote what needed to be written – I made it to the second stage and am waiting to hear about the job.”


Eyes of Brooklyn: A Memoir by Martin S.

“You were very patient and responsive. It was a pleasure working with you on my book.”


  • My book, GIMME SHELTER, is an indieBRAG honoree. Their newsletter said you review BRAG winners. Can you tell me how to submit the book for review.


    Louis Spirito

  • Bonita Vaughn

    Charla White ( and Words A Plenty ) is a great resource for self- publishers. While preparing my book proposal, her honest review of my book was very encouraging. She is efficient, professional, and pleasurable to work with. I recommend her to anyone submitting their work to a major publishing company.

    Bonita Vaughn, author
    Short-shorts for an Easy Afternoon

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