Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children by Robert W. Ross

Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children is a mixture of pop culture references, nostalgic memories, and the message that maybe those in charge don’t always have our best interests at heart.  Once again Robert W. Ross has crafted a delightful world where aliens want to destroy us and the US Government is clueless and misdirected, and the genetically engineered humans must step in to save the world.  It is up to a very wealthy man to take the necessary steps to save humanity and he does so in an unconventional manner.

Ross delivers many a nostalgic moment in his references to Bladerunner and Dr. Who, characters based on Star Trek, a futuristic like world as in Ready Player One and The Expanse.  Those moments where we are given phrases from these shows or references are the moments that remind us of our first experience with this genre.  Those memories come flitting back to mind and a smile plays around the reader’s lips unconsciously.  These moments are those rare times in which Ross allows us to be young again.

Ross blends witty comedic moments, pop culture references, and sci-fi themes all into a powerful, vivid book unrivaled by any other that I have read in this genre.  Ross delivers a storyline that captures the attention of the reader and provides an action-packed journey.

The character development is on target, he doesn’t weigh down the story with each character’s background which is unique and not common practice.  There were some characters I wanted to know about right away and others I am fine with discovering in time.  What I did learn about each character was interesting and I could see a variety of ways the characters may develop – I can’t wait to see how close I am.  I loved James the Pilot and Capt. Omandi.  I found them delightful in different ways.  His characters are flawed which makes them much easier to relate.

This is a steady-paced story with dialog and plot twists that move the story along.   I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I cannot wait to hear it on audio as well!  I know Nick Podehl will hit it out of this world!

This was a purchased book.

Definite 5 stars!

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