Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children by Robert W. Ross

Paradigm 2045: Trinity’s Children is a mixture of pop culture references, nostalgic memories, and the message that maybe those in charge don’t always have our best interests at heart.  Once again Robert W. Ross has crafted a delightful world where aliens want to destroy us and the US Government is clueless and misdirected, and the genetically engineered humans must step in to save the world.  It is up to a very wealthy man to take the necessary steps to save humanity and he does so in an unconventional manner.

Ross delivers many a nostalgic moment in his references to Bladerunner and Dr. Who, characters based on Star Trek, a futuristic like world as in Ready Player One and The Expanse.  Those moments where we are given phrases from these shows or references are the moments that remind us of our first experience with this genre.  Those memories come flitting back to mind and a smile plays around the reader’s lips unconsciously.  These moments are those rare times in which Ross allows us to be young again.

Ross blends witty comedic moments, pop culture references, and sci-fi themes all into a powerful, vivid book unrivaled by any other that I have read in this genre.  Ross delivers a storyline that captures the attention of the reader and provides an action-packed journey.

The character development is on target, he doesn’t weigh down the story with each character’s background which is unique and not common practice.  There were some characters I wanted to know about right away and others I am fine with discovering in time.  What I did learn about each character was interesting and I could see a variety of ways the characters may develop – I can’t wait to see how close I am.  I loved James the Pilot and Capt. Omandi.  I found them delightful in different ways.  His characters are flawed which makes them much easier to relate.

This is a steady-paced story with dialog and plot twists that move the story along.   I cannot wait for the next book in the series and I cannot wait to hear it on audio as well!  I know Nick Podehl will hit it out of this world!

This was a purchased book.

Definite 5 stars!

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WARATAH: From the Ashes of the Vietnam War, Grew a Spirit that would not be Stopped by Ha-Le Thai

A well written memoir that provides powerful insight into the life of Ha Le as she escapes Vietnam, relocates to Australia and comes to terms with her past.  Haunted by the traditions of Vietnam and the decisions her daughter makes, Ha Le faces many difficult life situations that challenge her faith and love.

An emotional memoir that allows the reader to connect with the trials that Ha-Le suffers involving two different cultures, expectations and finally overcoming her past to rise above and discover her true self.

From childhood to adult, her haunting past clearly affects her daily life until she is faced with losing her daughter, and her life to lymphoma.  In a masterfully written memoir Ha-Le describes her childhood vividly laying the groundwork for a clearer understanding of her fears and struggles.

This is an extremely moving memoir, one that should be experienced!

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Interview with Terri Reid, Author of the Mary O’Reilly Series

What were your goals and intentions in this series of books, and how well do you feel you achieved them?

When I first started publishing my books, in 2010, quite frankly my goal was to create another income stream because the stock market flash crash had decimated my marketing and public relations company. After a year or so, I realized that reaching out and touching the lives of my readers were even more important than earning a living. I love to hear from readers when a particular story or even a quote has helped them.

What are some of the references that you used while researching these books?
I use everything – and I’m pretty sure the NSA is watching me in a van parked outside my house. I use the internet for a lot of scientific information – like how to create a poison that is undetectable and could dissipate quickly, or how many days does it take a body to decompose. (See what I mean about the NSA) I also use newspapers, news stories, personal stories that have been told to me – so many things spark ideas.

What do you think most characterizes your writing?
My writing is character-driven. The plot is an important vehicle in the story, but the relationships between the characters are the heart and soul.

What was the hardest part of writing these books?
Keeping up with my readers’ needs. 😊 I LOVE my readers, they are awesome, loyal and supportive. But as soon as I put out a new book, they read it in a day or two and then they are ready for more. I really need to learn how to speed write.

What did you enjoy most about writing these books?
I love my characters. I cry (actually sob) through some of the parts as I write, I chuckle at their jokes and my heart melts when something tender happens. I am totally involved as I create these stories.

How did you become involved with the subject or theme of your books?
Growing up in an Irish family, we always told ghost stories or had paranormal events happen in our homes, it was just a part of life. I was surprised when people told me that they didn’t believe in ghosts. How could you just not believe in something that was real, I’d wonder. These stories bring to life (excuse the pun) ghosts who still have the characteristics of the people they were when they were alive.

Where did your love of books/storytelling/reading/writing/etc. come from?
I have always loved reading. Being brought up in a large, loud family was sometimes overwhelming for an introvert. Finding a quiet corner with a book was my escape. I loved living vicariously through the protagonists in the books – from Jo in Little Women to Alec Ramsey in the Black Stallion.

How long have you been writing?
Since I could hold a pencil in my hand. I have always loved telling stories.

What inspires you?
My family, friends and faith.

What do you like to read in your free time?
Anything from genre fiction (romance, mysteries or young adult) to Scriptures to magazine articles (National Geographic, Psychology Today, Good Housekeeping, Mary Jane’s Farm) to non-fiction (Crime References, Earth Magic, Celtic History.)

What projects are you working on at the present?

I’m working on the 19th book in the Mary O’Reilly series. When that’s complete, I’ll be working on the 2nd book in the Order of Brigid’s Cross series. When that’s done, I’ll be working on either the 20th book in the Mary O’Reilly series, or the 2nd book in the Eochaidh series.

When did you first realize you wanted to be a writer?
Since I could hold a pencil in my hand. 😊


What question do you wish that someone would ask about your books, but nobody has?
Would you like me to make a television series based on your books? That would be an awesome question.


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New Book Trailer by ML Sanford – book available March 1


Be one of the first to view the new trailer by ML Sanford for his upcoming book The Glen Paradox.



Detective Gunther Quinn believes he’s just your average criminal investigator, yet he possesses certain qualities that are unique and unusual. He survives the mental stress of his work because he’s able to escape from that ‘real life’, a phrase he uses to describe his job and those who make his job necessary. And what is this escape, his refuge? Oddly enough, it’s spending time with nature, in a small forest Glen in the city park. You’ll find out why that’s important later in the story.
And one perfectly ordinary day, he’s assigned a case, a case involving a particularly brutal murder of a young woman. But this young woman comes from a family whose history is integral to his city’s history; and that will prove critical in finding her killer.
And this case, and his personal life for that matter, quickly get complicated. They discover a connection to previous murders. The only possible conclusion is not a welcomed one; they’re city is dealing with a serial killer. Slowly, riddles and clues are discovered at the crime scenes, leading them on, taunting them. They attempt to trap the killer, but who will get caught in the end? Anybody? Or is the killer just toying with them?
Oh, yeah, that nature thing. His place of escape, this forest Glen, suddenly turns from a refuge into—well, something unreal. It’s hard to explain here is just a few words; it’s one of those paradox things. But you’ll understand. You’ll just have to read his story, a different kind of crime story, to find out—the whole truth.


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Contact the author, ML Sanford
Author and Freelance Writer
‘Discover the thrill of reading, and the thrill of discovery!’
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Sunswept by Leigha Lennox is pleased to announce the blog tour of Sunswept by Leigha Lennox.  Her tour runs from October 20 to November 1, 2015.


Meet Trista Carmichael. She was once Hollywood’s hottest TV star. Until a surprise firing and a broken heart led her away from Tinsel town and back to her hometown of Blue Mountain Beach, Florida.

Meet James Riker. He was a bartender living a surfer life in Blue Mountain Beach. The hottest catch in town, Riker could have any woman he wanted.

The two collide with a force that can only be described as explosive. Who said falling in love was easy? A series of events, that neither expected, threaten to tear them apart.

Riker moves to the Florida Keys to lick his wounds. He opens his dream bar, Mangoes, and tries to put Trista out of his mind for good. And another woman aims to make Riker forgot all about his one true love.

Trista lands a coveted role on Broadway. She loves the big city and the bright lights. Putting the past behind her, Trista falls for a handsome real estate mogul. He offers her a life of luxury and ease. But her heart still yearns for the one person she can never have.

True love only comes around once in a lifetime. Losing that love can be devastating. Finding someone new for a second chance at love takes bravery.

Will Trista and Riker realize the love that binds them together or choose a different path?

Sunswept is the sequel to Sunkissed.

#1 Amazon International Bestselling Author Traci Hohenstein has kept you in suspense with her mystery novels. Now she’s back writing under the pen name, Leigha Lennox, with page-turning romances that will spice up your nights.

**Intended for mature readers 18+**

Blog Tour: Sunkissed by Leigha Lennox

WordsAPlenty is pleased to announce the blog tour for Sunkissed by Leigha Lennox running from October 20 – November 1, 2015.

Sunkissed is a #1 Amazon International Bestselling Author Traci Hohenstein has kept you in suspense with her mystery novels. Now she’s back writing under the pen name, Leigha Lennox, with a page-turning romance that will spice up your nights.

When television star Trista Carmichael leaves behind her glamorous Hollywood life – unemployed and broken-hearted – she hopes to make a fresh start in Blue Mountain Beach, Florida…

Her first night in town she meets a mysterious bartender. She doesn’t believe in love at first sight, but there’s a mutual attraction that can’t be denied…

Until life throws her another curve ball when she attends a surprise party that her estranged sister throws for a boyfriend. Then the lies and deceit start to build…

When secrets are revealed every single aspect of Trista’s life will be changed forever….

This is a love story of a woman who struggles to mend her fragile relationship with her sister while looking for her happily ever after with the man she so desperately desires.

**Intended for mature readers 18+**

New Release – Odyssey In A Teacup

Amazon Release Date:  September 9th


WordsAPlenty was given a sneak preview in exchange for an honest review.

Paula Houseman’s Odyssey in a Teacup is an example of literary excellence.  Based on shared childhood experiences – sex, religion, and dreams – Houseman skillfully gives voice to characters that readers will love.  Houseman reminds the reader that one can pick friends but one cannot pick one’s family.

“Still, with a child’s trust, I prayed every night.  But over time, on Sundays, my prayers began (and ended) with Yoo-yoo, are you there?  On Sundays in my world, all hell broke loose.  The diabolical extended family Sunday ritual was more evidence of God’s absence … agony for Myron and me – we were not good travelers and both suffered car sickness … add the foul stench of vanilla car deodorizer …

Ruth was an outspoken and honest young woman from day one driving her mother to nickname her ‘pest.’  No one was safe from her voiced comments until she married and lost herself.  With the help of her friends she finds that she can rediscover herself, however, it is a hard and treacherous journey.  

Houseman’s descriptions are vividly rich.  Her wonderful and precise description of the real estate man leaves no doubts: “Milton reminded me of a Ken doll, with his taut, tanned, shiny face, chiseled features, and slicked back, brunette molded hair.  I wondered if, like Ken, Milton also had molded genitals.”

Houseman uses childhood humor and emotions to connect with the readers making her characters come to life.  She further uses the common doubts and questions that children maturing into adults have with relationships and one’s own life.  Houseman allows each of her characters time to grow and demonstrate their worth to one another.  

Houseman is a master storyteller that has a gift to be shared and enjoyed.  This is one of those rare insightful books that allows the readers opportunity to reflect back on their childhood journey into adulthood with great appreciation.  


WordsAPlenty gives this book and author a 5 star recommendation.